Diving is one of my main hobbies...
I am a certified SSI DiveCon , A Technical SafeAir Diver & Propulsion Vehicle certification by ANDI.
I have been diving since 1999.
I do most of my dives in the Red Sea, and some in the Mediterranean Sea.
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And some of my Cool Diving Gear:

Balanced Cousteau
First Stage Regulator
( Nitrox Compatible )

Second Stage Regulator
( Nitrox Compatible )

( Nitrox Compatible )

The Cousteau First Stage 

T-shaped balanced diaphragm mechanism for 
constant breathing comfort at 
any cylinder pressure or depth. 
New high pressure seat.
The new seat material ensures improved 
sealing of the valve/seat system, 
giving stable performance under all climatic
 conditions (polar or tropical). 
4 Low Pressure ports and 2 High Pressure ports
 to match all situations and to allow the fitting 
of all accessories 
(BC inflator, dry suit inflator, octopus and HP gauge). 
Air Turbo System on 3 of the 4 LP ports. 
This breathing assistance gives automatic injection
and guarantees improved LP stability. 
Dry chamber This optional system is used for
 protection of the first stage against cold (**). 
An air-filled chamber offers perfect insulation 
of the spring and diaphragm from the environment. 


Adjustable venturi.
This breathing assistance system helps prevent 
any possible free flow problems, 
by adjusting the air flow resistance. 
The regulator is delivered in right-handed configuration 
but can be easily modified by an authorized technician 
to left-handed configuration by using a special converter. 


fitted with adjustable injection 
to limit any free flow problems
fitted with a yellow cover and 
a yellow 1 metre hose which
 makes it easy to deploy
can be fitted to any regulator 
having a 3/8 '' MP outlet.
low profile exhaust cover/tee
Retractable 2-position handle with Elastomer grip


Analogical Combo
( Depth & Tank Pressure Gauge)

Suunto Vyper
Diving Computer
( Nitrox Compatible )

"Look" Mask

Spare Mask

Flexible Omersub

Since it was first introduced the Look soon
 became a reference in the mask field
 for its many features. 
Today it still remains one of the 
best-selling masks in the world, 
thanks to the use of top quality material.
 Lenses are easily interchangeable 
and can be replaced by optical.
The skirt is made of hypoallergenic LSR
 (injection moulded liquid silicone),
with the highest transparency and resistance to UV. 
Fogging is reduced by special post curing treatment.

Soft Booties

Pocket Whiegts Belt
with 2X6+2X2 Soft Whiegts

Technisub - Aqualung
Blades II Fins

Emergency Diving knife

Suunto SK-6
Diving compass

Vega 2
Diving Flashlight

80m Reel

Spare Whiegts Belt
with 2X8 Whiegts

And where it ALL goes in ...